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Do you wonder how some companies manage to get a ton of traffic and thousands of new users day in, day out? It is because they are able to tell their story in a way that connects to real people and their lives.

By building a connection with the user that complements his/her aspirations or needs, we at MediagraphixPR take the story to the next level. We have the expertise that spans B2B clients in various industries including retail, entertainment, education, technology, media, and many others.

Blending a perfect mix of successful stories and effective PR strategies.

We know that each one of our brands has a story to tell, so the campaigns that we create for our clients are creatively designed to reflect the spirit and essence of the brands we represent.

From a product launch to a private event, a PR launch needs to be able to capture the imagination and the attention of media all over the country.

Our team plans everything so it plays out editorially just as effectively as it would through direct marketing, advertising, digital channels, and in the influencer network.

Launch company PR Services


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    How do we make your brand visible?

    Launching a new product or a new service doesn’t just end with the announcement of the new entrant, it’s also about bridging the gap between new and existing brand perception.

    A new product/service can be launched for various objectives, and we at MediagraphixPR ensure that your PR speaks of that only.

    • 1. Creative Ideas

      We look at launch PR with significant thought given to how they can fit in as a part of your marketing strategies and communications to become market leaders.

    • 2. Results Driven Campaigns

      We are committed to delivering the required results and working closely with our partners to achieve business objectives that not only make a direct impact but also continue to resonate over time.

    • 3. Best in Class Consulting

      We take care of all the little details important for the development of your event and even offer our counsel when you need it.

    • 4. Diverse Media Solutions

      We constantly explore new media channels, develop original content, and regularly monitor your target audience to create a diverse media coverage portfolio for your brand.
    • 5. Multi Channel Promotion

      Along with utilizing our nexus of editors, journalists, influencers, and brand aficionados, we facilitate a homogeneous distribution of your launch, across different channels and mediums.