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Technology PR is no more about the binary approach, today it demands more than that. Managing PR for technology startups, or other relevant industries, is about bringing the intricacies of work, benefits to the customer, and above all the value it adds to their lifestyle.

MediagraphixPR is a leading technology PR firm seasoned with an enthralling passion to serve in both B2B and B2C segments. We are also proud of our communication partners with News18 for technology and various award shows.

We build your brand for you, while you build the next big thing.

Our forte lies in facilitating the requisite brand building of your new technology product that will strengthen your product positioning, help create credibility, build authenticity, and facilitate future growth alliances.

We help communicate everything the consumers want to know about the products and the services. Being one of the best PR agencies for tech startups, our expert high tech PR team assists you in reaching your audience through streamlined and targeted media messaging.

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    How do we make your brand visible?

    Whether it is a gadget, a mobile device, an app launch, or IoT the first thing that comes to the consumers’ mind is how recent or advanced the technology is, or how does it make my life easy?

    As a professional tech pr agency, our team works with you to navigate through a rapidly changing media landscape, erratic customer behaviour and deliver relevant campaigns that are not only impactful but also resonate with your target audience.

    • 1. Market Research

      Research forms an imperative part of our process; understanding your target audience and establishing the best communication strategies.

    • 2. Focused Content

      Our tech focus enables you to build relationships with the right editors and publishing houses so that your product or application can touch the right chord with the audience.

    • 3. Targeted Networking

      Our team adopts a pragmatic approach by using networking channels to raise your profile- giving you direct and immediate access to potential customers and influencers.

    • 4. Progress Tracking

      Even after the launch, we continuously measure your progress allowing us to refine and optimise our strategies, and that is what makes us the best technology PR company.

    • 5. Thought Leadership

      As you earn your leadership position, our efforts are moderated to ensure you always remain ahead of the curve.