Blogger and Digital PR

Digital is a game-changer for many industries, so as our expertise in the field of Digital PR. We offer customized and result-driven Digital PR solutions to put our client’s image in forefront of the potential audience. The client’s needs act as a base for our expert professional to underline a tailor-fit strategy to deliver the best of the results.

Let us assist you in developing a robust digital presence for your brand!

Blogger Outreach + Seeding

Today, audiences trust bloggers more than brands. Therefore, being top digital PR consultants, we help you connect with relevant bloggers who seed goodwill via reviews, feedback, and testimonials.

Social Media Implementation

From reacting to customer feedback to making sure the engagement continues unhampered, there is a lot that goes behind social media implementation.

Creation and Maintenance of YouTube Campaigns

We focus on creating content effective for long durations; in adherence to the platform algorithms. Our YouTube campaigns help in creating brand awareness and building credibility among the masses.

Social Media Strategy + Playbook Creation

Consistency is the key to attract maximum engagement; and this isn’t possible without a social media strategy and playbook creation that sets well in advance the tone, image, voice, and aesthetics of your brand.
As one of the best digital PR agencies, our smart collaboration ideas enable us to repost and reuse content generated by bloggers for a wider pool of engagement and popularity.

Metric Analysis

We rely on the careful use of metrics to evaluate campaign efficacy, and that’s what makes us a trusted digital PR agency. We look at levels of engagement, reach, and total volume, among other metrics, to see what did and did not work.

What is digital PR and how is it different from traditional PR?

Digital PR is the future of PR. While western markets rely heavily on digital PR, in India, the shift will happen albeit gradually. However, the relevance and importance of digital media are no less today. Digital PR is all about brand positioning, on Google. Whether it is social media, website, and owned content, or influencer PR, no brand can survive without going digital today. Every person has a smartphone and therefore, digital PR has become imperative, so much so, that some brands are already moving away from the focus on traditional.

Digital PR in turn contributes directly to a brand’s reach, and search engine visibility through effective onsite SEO, and drives more website visits and traffic. While traditional PR uses circulation, readership, and viewer ratings to determine who to approach, digital PR focuses on SEO and be more out there! With google analytics, and evaluation of domain authority and non-paid opportunities for link citations, digital PR could be measured and adds direct value to the business.

They say content is the king, we say digital presence is the queen! And what’s a king without a queen?

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    MediagraphixPR | Bloggers and Digital PR Services

    • At MediagraphixPR, we create Digital PR strategies that increase the online presence of your company and are instrumental in driving traction to initiate conversations about your products and services in the market.

    • Gone are the days when you had to struggle with the hectic nature of traditional PR processes. Today, Digital PR not only enables quick publications but also facilitates easier virality of your PR articles/blogs.

    • Teaming up with experienced bloggers to create Digital PR strategies that increase the visibility of your brand by the way of direct and indirect brand promotions is one popular tool of Digital PR in today’s times.

    • As a leading digital PR agency, we make sure our clients gain maximum benefits from our Digital PR strategies that include activities like Instagram/Facebook Live session, Webinars, Online Panel Discussion, Online Interviews, Podcast, Youtube Interviews, etc.

    • Visibility of your brand is often a function of the right Article, Press Release, product feature placement. With multiple digital platforms mushrooming, our team selects the right online publications like YourStory, Inc42, Vogue, etc., and social media platforms.

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