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Till now, nobody could have believed that Art and PR can be interlinked, but now one can’t ignore this fantastic tool that helps artists to enhance the buzz around their work.

Like you turned your vision into an astonishing piece of art, effective PR strategies for art, music, and culture, can turn these realities into profits, fame, and prosperity.

We at MediagraphixPR, are involved in crafting PR campaigns and strategies that help you earn the share of fame you and your art deserve.

Strategies that leave audiences in awe with your art!

Ever dreamt of being a part of people’s social media feeds? How would you feel if it is your art people are talking about?

Floating on a cloud nine, right? Then let’s make it happen. With a rich experience of 17 years in handling creative and PR projects for renowned clients from across diverse industries, we can proudly boast of our achievements in managing PR for art, music, and culture.

Having earned the reputation of creative storytellers, MediagraphixPR adopts a refreshingly original and innovative approach for delivering an unmatched service experience to all the artists.

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Let your artwork’s appreciation precede your appearances.

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    How do we make your brand visible?

    We help boost public exposure for your art by effectively deploying a mix of conventional and unconventional media tactics and outreach strategies.

    We have worked progressively and have had the opportunity to be a part of some of the prestigious projects which involved organizing live performances, exhibitions, art shows, theme-based shows, and architecture.

    • 1. End to End Support

      We specialize in providing end to end support from the stage of ideation to execution with the help of online and offline tools, sponsorship management, art press releases for the editorials, and launch of comprehensive marketing campaigns strategically.

    • 2. Specialized Services

      We offer specialized services like Media Relations, Consulting, Guest List, Artist Media Exposure, Gallery Media Positioning, CEO Profiling, and a lot more.

    • 3. Expert Team

      Our team of creators and innovators, leverage social media to increase your viewership amongst your target audience and position you and your work accordingly.

    • 4. Media Strategies

      We help you promote your art, or gallery though influential bloggers and journalists from various esteemed publications like Hindustan Times, TOI, Indian Express, and many more.

    • 5. Comprehensive Campaigns

      We help you nurture relationships with collectors, curators, buyers, appreciators, and other endorsers through comprehensive campaigns.