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With over two decades of strong footprint in the field of Public Relations, MediagraphixPR encompasses every nook and corner of building a brand and scaling it up to success. Being one of the Top PR Agencies in India, we are joining hands with startups, small and medium enterprises, and corporate business houses to help them find the target audience for establishing the brand, our services, and related processes are highly result-centric.

MediagraphixPR is a leading PR agency in Delhi, India, helping enterprises get maximum brand exposure and reach their target audience with results-oriented PR Solutions. The MediagraphixPR makes the brand’s journey right from the start, to build a long-term and robust narrative in media using various Public Relations Services including, Media Relations, PR Services, Digital PR, ORM Solutions, and Influencer Management.

Our expertise in building credibility-driven business conversions for our clients makes us a one-stop favorite Public Relations Company for many renowned brands across various industries. Starting from the creation of a Public Relations Strategy, deployment of unique and custom-fit solutions to positioning the brand in the market, and yielding conversions for our clients, our service deliverables talk about what we do.

We craft strategies that are an eclectic mix of reputation management, business augmentation, and pitching positive stories.
Media relations involve working collaboratively with the mass media professionals and positioning stories attractively to the target audience.
We specialize in planning blogger events, personalized events, page 3 events, launch, food-tasting events, speaker conclave, and many more.
Our Digital PR strategy is tailored to our client’s needs and designed to make sure of the realization of promising results.
We provide media training to spokespersons, government officials, or other individuals to speak and interact better with journalists.


We help you build a strong connection with the target audience by creating, and curating content for achieving the business goals.


Being one of the top PR agencies in India, we work with diverse clients in different ways, since we have Retainers as well as Projects which require a particular set of methodologies and strategies to be worked upon.
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While strategizing for a retainer, we tend to undergo inside and out research about the goals that are needed to be fulfilled.  According to the research and analysis did, Our team makes a communication strategy.


Being a leading PR Agency in Delhi, we understand that different clients take different times to review content and strategy, which makes us flexible in that.
  • Week 1

  • Week 2

  • Week 3

  • Week 4

We begin each project by defining the objectives that are needed to be looked upon. That means we choose the strategy and tactics that are best suited to solve your problem, and immediately set to work on the first draft

After our writers have finalized your content which has time and again, translated into big, bold, headline-making news, we deliver a list of the most relevant media contacts for outreach.

We reach out to the media after the approval of the clients. Depending on the strategy that has been selected to be used for your campaign and the type of content we pitch, we will do exclusive, embargo, or regular

As one of the top pr companies, we do not believe in cookie-cutter campaigns, hence we know not all campaigns run for four weeks. So, we are flexible in timings, and everything we do is custom.



You will be assigned a personal strategist who works with you to understand your requirements, outline your media goals, and execute all your media plans accordingly.


Our team of professional journalists drafts your Press Release and sends it to you for your approval to execute your communications plan accordingly.


Once a draft is finalized, our PR experts gather the most relevant media contacts and send a personalized story pitch to each journalist one by one.




pr agency in delhi
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Reasons To Choose Us

Having 14+ years of experience in the public relations industry, we are proud to be a full-time service PR agency in Delhi/NCR.

As a leading Public Relations Agency in India, we have strong PR channels in over 100+ cities in India, majorly Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida, we offer robust PR strategies for our clients to get the highest brand visibility.

Being a best PR agency in Delhi, we focused on entertainment, consumer goods, e-commerce practices, hospitality, fashion retail, and food & beverage.

We have a team of professional Public Relations experts, who possess deep knowledge and experience in a particular field, and that is what makes us one of the top Public Relation Companies in Delhi/NCR.

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    What is a PR Agency Meaning?

    An effective PR Agency focuses on reputation building and pitching positive stories about an organization by creatively using Traditional and Digital Media and Social Media tools.

    PR companies pay attention to reputation management by way of media outreach, press releases, brand promotion, new product launches, campaign development & execution, and relationship management with the stakeholders. PR serves as a cost-effective tool for communication for ensuring that the right message is delivered to the clients and stakeholders.

    What Services does a PR Agency Provide?

    The broad range of services offered by us is Digital PR, Media Relations, Event PR, Press Conference, Product Launches & Promotion Campaigns, Interviews, Press Releases, Articles & publication for improved visibility and realization of the strategic goals.

    We assure quality service experience to our clients by following a collaborative approach and serving as service partners. Being one of the best PR agencies in India, we follow an integrated marketing approach and strategically deploy various PR tools to pitch positive stories on behalf of the clients for meeting their customized requirements.

    What all Digital PR includes?

    Online Reputation Management by hand holding the clients in developing a reputation management strategy and promoting the image positively by way of online review management.
    - Bloggers outreach & seeding
    - Online events & Press releases
    - Strategy for Social Media and Implementation, Calendar Setting, Community Management strategies.
    - Blogging Creation & distribution of viral videos, YouTube campaigns
    - Publishing Interviews
    - Bloggers Engagement and Influencer Relations
    - Content Creation & Distribution
    - Research and Metrics Definition & Analytics

    Being a leading Digital PR Agency in Delhi/NCR, our highly experienced team of public relations experts serves dedicatedly as the preferred consultants for the clients and recommend strategic solutions, innovative metrics/tools for maximizing digital outreach and ROI.

    What to expect from Digital PR?

    Enhanced visibility and reputation by improving online traffic in terms of hosting press releases in many blogs and websites. We maintain an exhaustive database of bloggers and work on behalf of the clients in the areas of identification of the bloggers relevant to the field or products and seeding.

    Optimum usage of social media tools for building online reputation and securing digital placements for the clients. Communicating important news related to the products or brands and positioning the brand as a distinct identity with unique strengths by way of Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Blogs, and a lot more.

    Proven record of achievement in working along with the social media and web-based influencers, organizing influencer marketing campaigns, and promoting the products via influencers.

    What is Event PR?

    The objective of a well-crafted PR strategy should be to complement the marketing strategy for propelling profitable outcomes on the business by using various tools from the PR arsenal. Event PR can be a great way for building brand popularity and reputation management. The event as a strategic tool of PR can unleash newer opportunities for a firm and improve brand visibility by using one of the following tools like news conferences, Panel discussions, Social Events, awareness campaigns, multimedia presentations, press tours, etc. designed to influence the target audience. Event PR has a lot more to offer in terms of Blogger events, Curated or Personalized events, Page 3 Events, Preview Events, Launch, Book Reading Sessions, Food-Tasting Events, Speaker Conclave, etc., which if executed in a planned manner can result in exceptional outcomes. Events that are planned and executed smartly can provide a new life to the brand.
    Powerful brands organize various event campaigns for achieving certain predefined goals. Hence, a good event PR strategy must highlight the objectives and the road map for executing the campaigns.

    What to Expect (Event PR)?

    From ideation to conceptualization and execution, we manage the end-to-end show to ensure that the brand captures the attention of the right set of audiences and ignites response.
    Delivery of outcomes within the committed timelines and as per the expectations of the clients.
    We strategically execute events that will reflect in terms of measurable impact on the ROI and enhance the reputation in the market.
    Expect a hassle-free service by simply letting us know your objectives and expectations. Rest you can leave it on us.

    What is Digital PR and how is it different from traditional PR?

    Unlike traditional PR tools, Digital PR offers greater advantages by strengthening blogger relations, building online reputation, improving web traffic, and sharing information or content with the target audience which can impress them. With the help of a well-crafted Digital PR strategy, a company can gain more visibility by way of enhanced popularity links or improve its credibility by finding space in blogs, online news portals, or social influencer pages. Moreover, Digital PR and Blogs have a long-lasting impact as the content on the net enjoys visibility for a relatively long period and in wider channels. A mention on the social influencers page provides relatively higher advantages as those are considered to be trustworthy and are considered as suggestions instead of advertisements.

    Have you ever pondered why Media Relations has received so much attention and is considered a vital element of a company's PR strategy?

    Media relations is an important and much more credible tool of PR for reaching out to audiences with stories and the latest developments in the organization. As a crucial part of the outreach strategy, media relations involves working collaboratively with the mass media professionals and positioning stories attractively to the target audience by using print, broadcast, and digital media
    Online media has revolutionized business functioning by boosting the image and promoting brand visibility cost-effectively. Media Relations has Media Relations in the contemporary scenario has revolutionized the business functioning, especially online media has helped in promoting visibility and building a brand image by pitching positive stories. A well-planned and integrated communication campaign that makes the best use of Media Relations and PR tools can provide a competitive edge and helps in boosting the reputation of a firm.