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Every start-up requires effective promotion and other few things that will make the company give a boost and helps in its growth. Exposure doesn’t happen all of a sudden, it takes time and you can make it happen with public relations services. The right PR strategy can turn your start-up into worthy press news.
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MediagraphixPR | PR Agency for Startups

At MediagraphixPR, we understand that startups begin with a clean slate and have little to no brand presence which is why we recognize the efforts and time invested behind each idea that you have had.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot try to replicate Nike or Pepsi’s PR strategies and expect to turn your business around overnight. We help you realize fully what your brand needs to be right up there with the others and that all of this takes time.

After all, Apple didn’t make it big in one day. We identify with the entrepreneurs and help them take the next step through effective communication.

Coming out with innovative ways to make your startup visible.

Our team helps you achieve the best PR by prioritizing your objectives and assessing the potential value of every idea that you have. We pitch story ideas and submit interview requests with targeted media catered to each company’s specific objective.

We help launch and grow startups (even small businesses) by securing high profile, cost-effective media exposure by coming up with engaging press releases so that your business is noticed. We work with you to identify the key angles and PR opportunities that will help you target high profile print, online and broadcast media.

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    How do we make your brand visible?

    Building customer awareness for a startup in today’s era needs to be occupying more screen time along with the requisite share of air time and print.

    It’s about ensuring the reach of your customers with a potential sale conversion or customer retention. As fast as the world is today, so is the shorter attention span of customers, and we at MediagraphixPR understand the imperative nature of making appearances at regular intervals:

    • 1. Robust Communication

      Our team will listen to your ideas and vision, and then pitch in their strategy- all of this within a matter of time because we understand that time is of the essence.

    • 2. Driving Awareness

      We work closely with you to help get your name out there by letting you showcase what your business is doing and driving awareness for the services you are offering.

    • 3. Focused Strategies

      We offer focused and well-thought strategies to startups and relatively newer brands from various sectors and industries.

    • 4. Tailor-made Solutions

      Each of our solutions has been tailor-made for your audience according to your needs so you can create an impact on your customers.

    • 5. Creative Story-telling

      We help build credibility through our creative story-telling that allows you to build rapport with your audience.