Launch company PR Services


We have 17 + years of experience working with a range of Art, culture, and music clients, including live performances, art shows, public art, book shows, architecture, etc.

With an inside and out learning of the complex details of Arts and media outlets, we are specialists planning with a non-conventional creative bent, bolstered by the best public, influencers, and media relations skill

PR Agency For Technology


Whether you produce consumer tech products, require launching an app, or deliver one of the most powered BtoB software; we will be your guide.

In any case, we take complex scientific or technical information and communicate it in a way that makes sense to any audience ranging from mass-market consumers to stakeholders, and business partners.

PR Agency For Wellness


We at MediagraphixPR understand that the healthcare sector is quite vast and over the past few years, it has been undergoing a strong digital revolution.

Our strong team has earned us a reputation as a specialist healthcare PR agency. Our team fully comprehends that the healthcare sector, the health and wellness needs of the consumers, and how to tackle them both.

PR Agency For Fitness


Fitness and wellness is an area of bustle that we have particular knowledge in since its foundation.

With our profound amount of knowledge, we produce strong personalized communication projects allowing each client’s company and products to gain visibility in top markets with Press/media relations, Digital PR, Organization of events, and so forth.

PR Agency for Travel


Through Travel and tourism PR, we build and maintain the target audience’s confidence and trust in our clients‘ destinations.

We convey our customers’ PR messages to the target audience, business and relaxation explorers, potential travelers or clients, travel specialists, travel manage distributors, through different PR outlets like seeding and additionally advanced PR, and so forth.

Fashion PR Solutions India


With divergent thinking and creativity at our disposal, we maximize results for our beauty and cosmetics PR clients so they can connect better with the audience.

We work with a vast network of professional beauty editors, renowned bloggers, industry influencers, and journalists to ensure that your brand is brought to life through effective campaigns, launches, events, and exhibitions.

PR Agency For Startups


We understand that startups begin with a clean slate and have little to no brand awareness which is why we recognize the effort and time behind each idea that you have had.

We help launch and grow startups (even small businesses) by securing high-profile, cost-effective media exposure by coming up with innovative, and engaging press releases so that your business is noticed.

Books PR Services in India


As a leading book and author PR agency, we assist both first-time and experienced authors who are looking to promote their books to a wide audience.

We at MediagraphixPR, have extensive knowledge and experience of how the book publishing industry works, so we offer services that help our clients at every stage of the book promotion process, strategies, and campaign.

PR Agency for Fashion


We work hard to bring your vision to life. Our team specializes in Fashion PR campaigns for budding designers to established global brands by experimenting with creative strategies that tend to leave an impression.

When we talk about style, brand recognition is what matters most which is why we offer an approach that allows for maximum exposure for our fashion clientele.

PR Marketing Services Agency for Sports


We are a PR agency that specializes in out-of-the-box marketing strategies and campaigns for major sports events and sporting organizations.

Our expert team lives and breathes sports which is why we lead our clients towards victory. We help the sportspersons build their image potential and online reputation through our engaging online editors, professional bloggers, and renowned influencers while they focus on their sport.

PR Agency for Interior Design


Our number of years of experience in the PR industry, speaks for itself and is clearly a reflection of our client’s trust and confidence they levy in us.

We research, develop, and execute a suitable strategy to match your needs, and since we know how important your vision is to you which is why we constantly come up with fresh, unique, and innovative ideas to make a public relations campaign work for you.

PR Agency For Food And Fmcg


We are a PR agency that goes all-out when it comes to taking on the FMCG industry- from food and beverages to hospitality. We have a deep understanding of the world of food and drinks, and hospitality which is continually changing.

We realize that the FMCG industry is driven mostly by the consumer’s habits and lifestyle which is why we’re everywhere, busy creating publicity surrounding the latest trends.

PR Marketing Agency for Event


As an experienced PR agency, We know that each one of our brands has a story to tell, so the campaigns that we create for our clients are creatively designed to reflect the spirit and essence of the brands we represent.

From a successful product launch to a private event, a perfect PR launch needs to be able to capture the imagination and the attention of potential media all over the country to target the right audience.

PR Agency for Pharmaceuticals


We are a specialty pharmaceutical PR agency dedicated to improving and in turn saving lives. Strong and strategic PR initiatives help the pharmaceutical industry in addressing these limitations while promoting the product and services with strong credibility.

We believe that there are many unexploited mediums to leverage various digital solutions that will improve communication in the pharmaceutical industry.

PR Agency For Hotels


We enable your brand to be preceded by its plush reputation. To get you the requisite focus and attention, we facilitate alliances with the right people, starting from food critics, bloggers, influencers, editors, and journalists.

We help you create buzz for your launch event, spread the word about your signature dish, or drive customers to try out your new delicacy, and various solutions to help you with any other PR-related need.