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Whether you want to announce your new line of products and services or invite a media conference, we help you communicate effectively with media and consumers alike!
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Creating visibility in the media for a pharmaceutical company isn’t just about launching a few press releases or TV interviews, it requires constant follow-up and regular features (or mentions) in the media.

Pharmaceuticals being a sensitive niche, our team of experts pays extra focus on passing on correct information to media and publications; thereby increasing brand credibility and nourishing a direct connection with consumers.

We manage your reputation in the market, so you can focus on serving healthier lives!

As a PR company, we take charge of promoting all your company products and services. Whether it is about creating hype for the launch of a new product or creating awareness for the existing ones, we ensure that your brand (or product) becomes a household name in your customer segment.

Our 3 decades of experience, empower us to understand the intricacies of customer engagement and retention for the pharmaceutical industry, which facilitates successful campaigns for our clients.

Pharmaceuticals PR Agency


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    How do we make your brand visible?

    While the pharmaceutical industry saves many lives year after year, it also is one of the industries that is involved or is always at the edge of being involved in controversies. This is where we come into the picture, we strive hard to build and maintain smooth and direct communication for your brand.

    We involve celebrities and influencers in our campaigns, select brand ambassadors who positively impact the masses. We simplify the process of communicating complex scientific terms, techniques, and innovations that the consumers must know, in a language that they understand.

    • 1. Targeted Audience

      We identify the correct audience for your company and study their behavioral pattern. This enables us to identify how they consume information and focus on the right channels, whether online or offline.

    • 2. Maximize Exposure

      We ensure that your presence and exposure are modulated as per the need of the time, and contribute stories in the media, accordingly. Even in times of crisis or controversies, we take charge of nurturing your image and take requisite measures to reduce your company’s exposure.

    • 3. Expert Profiling

      Our array of services also include managing company and spokesperson profiling, training for media conversations, and keeping an eye for potential opportunities, to keep you at the forefront of pharmaceutical trends.

    • 4. Strategic PR campaigns

      We strategize PR campaigns that help you reach out to your target segment, be it for any event, news, or recent developments in your organization, through launch events, industry story participation, authored articles, webinars, interviews, etc.

    • 5. Maximum Brand Visibility

      We uplift your brand visibility through earning your features in popular healthcare magazines and publications and also build your company media relations that help in keeping your company in positive news bulletins regularly.