Media Relations

We seamlessly integrate the efficacy of Media Relations by collaborative and relentless association with top-notch mass professionals. Our data-based understanding, partnership, and research methodologies equip us to find out the best content platform and thereby position communication strategies to reach the target audience. Collaborating with multiple channels, press media, social and influencer communities, without geographical restrictions, we drive the best results for our clients.

Enabling you to find PR opportunities like never before!

Pitch Development

Like every story has a headline, every brand has a USP. We identify the USP of your company and draft stellar tailormade pitches difficult to be ignored by publications, editors, reporters, journalists, and producers.

Editorial Outreach

We help your brand increase visibility by generating and sharing compelling stories and pitches worthy of a column in various magazines and publications.

Press Release Distribution

Timely circulation of new activities, events, innovations introduced by your company to our circle of journalists, editors, and other media professionals. We miss no scope to grab you a media presence!

Press Kit Development

We develop press kits that are looked forward to and evoke a sense of excitement. The kind that creates buzz around your brand from consumers and media alike.

Desk Side Press Appointments

We organize one-on-one meetings with influential editors at various publications and media outlets which allows your brand to build personal relations with media.

Analytics & Monitoring

To keep a close eye on how well the curated strategies are benefiting your business and regularly measuring the impact created on audiences for immediate changes or additions if need be.

How do media outlets determine what they cover or print?

PR thrives on earned and editorial exposure for a brand or individual. Today, media isn’t just about broadsheets, magazines, or broadcast – social and digital media is an equal size of the pie. While the content to be published remains at editorial discretion, media looks for newsy and developments of a substantial kind to run a story. While this is the basic premise, each media outlet, and medium works differently. An Indian startup’s entry into the Japanese market may not be news for India Today but may be of huge interest as a business expansion story to The Economic Times or Forbes!

The idea is to choose the right media for the right news or story pitch. However, brands, these days, do need to understand that not everything is news or newsworthy. It is good to be selective and organized, and not spam journalist’s emails with irrelevant updates which may have so much of a news value.

While you focus on product innovation, we help you gain positive recognition!

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    MediagraphixPR | Media Relations Services

    • At MediagraphixPR, we have spent years building relationships across print media, digital media, TV, radio, and all other verticals. Our extensive and strong nexus includes editors, journalists, producers, and other media professionals.

    • We are experts at market research, strategy development, storyline creation, and implementation which enables us to find your space of publicity across online as well as offline mediums.

    • Over the years, we have catered to the needs of our clients across various domains like technology, art, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, startups, politics, and many more.

    • With our comprehensive editorial outreach, we ensure that your brand earns recognition through reviews, interviews, listings in print as well as broadcast media. We place you and your brand at the top of the media recall!

    • We are constantly on the lookout to tap potential opportunities within our nexus, which allows us to facilitate maximum yield for your brand and enable you to build media relations like never before.

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