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PR Activities that imbibe your aromas and flavours to drive customers at your doorstep.
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MediagraphixPR | PR Agency for Hotels and Restaurants

You believe in yourself, your idea, and your business but how are you going to make your customers believe in what you have to offer?

Sales for Hotels and restaurants are all about visibility, credibility, influence, and of course, savoring those craved taste buds. We are a team of highly motivated PR professionals that create an exceptional balance between PR strategies and campaigns, exactly like your signature dish.

Blending the perfect cocktail, for increased outreach and footfall.

We enable your brand to be preceded by its plush reputation. To get you the requisite focus and attention in your industry, we facilitate alliances with the right people, starting from food critics, bloggers, influencers, editors, and journalists.

We create subtle PR strategies for hotels and restaurants that involve brand collaborations and publications. We help you create buzz for your launch event, spread the word about your signature dish, or drive customers to try out your new delicacy, and 537 other solutions to help you with any other PR-related need.

PR Agency For Restaurants


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    How do we make your brand visible?

    Backed with years of experience in the PR industry, our team helps you build strategies that produce real and lasting results. Getting media coverage for your grand opening will be relatively easy. However, getting covered regularly is the main challenge.

    This is where MediagraphixPR comes into the picture. We have worked with large hotels, restaurants, and food and drink brands. And it is our extensive expertise that helps us craft campaigns that attract, engage, and drive results.

    • 1. Multi Channels

      We create compelling brand stories for the media to cover through various channels and deliver your brand’s core messaging by developing comprehensive strategies

    • 2. Targeted Social Media

      We work closely with you to identify and determine the right social media channels that help you grow and engage your audience

    • 3. Media Coverage

      We provide you with extensive media coverage that delivers your unique aromas and flavors to millions of taste buds.

    • 4. Nurture Relationships

      Enabling you to nurture relationships, with food bloggers, food critics, journalists, connoisseurs, and other influencers.

    • 5. Campaigns Designing

      Our campaigns are driven with the agenda to give your brand, a recall value that is acted upon for increased footfall, and in turn revenues.