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Building up an appetite for more than just food and drinks!
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We are a Delhi-based PR agency that goes all-out when it comes to taking on the FMCG industry- from food and beverages to hospitality. Our team is constantly in touch with clients to ensure the ideas we present work in their flavor (oops, favor).

We have a deep understanding of the world of food and drinks, and hospitality which is continually changing. We realize that the FMCG industry is driven mostly by the consumer’s habits and lifestyle which is why we’re everywhere, busy creating publicity surrounding the latest trends.

Your flavours that quench your customer’s hunger, our campaigns that bridge your dreams to reality.

Our teams work cross-culturally and cross-media to give you a unique perspective and understanding of the food and FMCG industry. We have organized and executed numerous food products and restaurant launches, trend stories, corporate profiles, contests, special promotions, and more, for an assortment of food and FMCG clients.

We know the brands we work for inside out to secure relevant media (online and offline) coverage that drives footfall and boosts sales. Keeping in mind the big picture, all we do is, ignite a spark and watch it breed success.

PR Agency For Fmcg


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    How do we make your brand visible?

    PR campaigns for the food and FMCG industry require to appeal to an ever-widening demand of customers to try something new or become a part of their style statement.

    We at Megiagraphix, understand the nuances of this industry well, and with the help of our team members, curate strategies that accordingly place and position your brand among your target audience.

    • 1. Media Outreach

      We work alongside journalists, food bloggers, columnists, and influencers to create and implement exciting launch campaigns for our clients in the food and beverage industry.

    • 2. Targeted Campaigns

      Our campaigns for restaurant launches are tailor-made for each client based on their products and services so they can build a relationship with their customers.

    • 3. Extensive Experience

      We’ve worked on a large number of events to bring together those who can appreciate a good dining experience.

    • 4. Optimum Results

      Our strategies and campaigns include activities that are aimed to drive footfall and build preference for your products.

    • 5. Influencers Outreach

      Sampling sessions, or greet and meet with renowned influencers and celebs enable your brand to make its presence felt across the town and get captured in the minds of your potential customers.