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We are regarded as a leading fitness and wellness PR agency known for going above and beyond for our clients. We are enthusiastic about promoting products, therapies, gym, fitness centres, CrossFit box, and wellness services that allow our clients to be visible and have a strong recall value.

In India, the focus on health and wellness trend has grown over the past few years. People are driven towards fitness and will do everything to bring about a change in their lifestyle. Being fit has become a style statement, apart from the various other benefits it brings with it.

Adding weights to your brand presence across your target market.

We keep ourselves abreast with the latest trends in health and wellness, and the newest technological innovations that allow us to create impactful and meaningful campaigns. Our creative and captivating media campaigns are made by exercising both the offline and online platforms.

With the help of our widespread outreach and effect PR strategies, we convert consumers and clients by engaging them with health and fitness brands through the best personal experiences they can cherish.

PR Agency For Wellness


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    How do we make your brand visible?

    The stress levels of the modern-day consumer have shot off the charts in some areas, which have created a demand for mental wellness brands and services. Going to gym or yoga classes isn’t anymore about maintaining a physique, but it also an outlet to increased stress levels.

    Our PR campaigns for wellness and fitness brands are built on the notion of making an appeal to the aspirational being of the consumer.

    • 1. Latest Trends

      Our team and experts are always on the lookout for the latest trends, in order to ensure that your campaigns are in sync with what your customers are consuming.

    • 2. Media Recognition

      We help you gain media recognition from industry leaders to help raise awareness and gain credibility for your brand.

    • 3. Frequent PR Campaigns

      With the help of our frequent PR campaigns, we ensure that your brand is at the cusp of recall for the customers, whenever they hear anything close to wellness and fitness.

    • 4. Targeted Campaigns

      Campaigns are planned to cater to brands dealing with wellness/fitness products and services. Basis the target market, we plan the PR campaigns to enable you and your business to grow.
    • 5. Build Market Positioning

      We empower your market positioning with the help of credible case studies, coming right from the experiences of your customers, and building on their visibility factor.