Consulting and Media Training

Having a strong image to present self and the related brands are centric in today’s world and we prepare our clients for that in the best possible manner. Our bespoke media training programs ensure our clients such as spokespersons, government officials, celebrities, or other individuals to have a positive image put up in front of the media and journalists.

Helping you speak from confidence and composure.

Communication Consultation

Our consultation services help you gain industry insights, anticipate the market conditions, and enable you to facilitate PR strategies for future growth.

Media Briefing

We create and deliver summary reports that highlight major coverage and make it easy for your executive team to know how your company is being portrayed across the country.


Our media training workshops are designed to provide customized training and practical tips for startup founders, corporate executives, celebrities, or any potential spokesperson, so that they are well versed to handle media.

Media- Body Language

We train spokespeople to convey physical movements and a vocal tone that enhance the effectiveness of their words that help the audience to forge a personal connection with them.

Crisis Communication

Your response during a crisis is what makes you stand out from the crowd. We help our clients to communicate effectively during a crisis to minimize risks, manage pressure, and protect the brand repute.

Image Management

Our top-notch media training services focus on building and maintaining the media image of a business, brand, organization, or individuals that impact their overall reputation.

Hire our services to maintain a reputation ever-positive!

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    MediagraphixPR | Consulting and Media Training

    • Companies or individuals who do not work closely with the media are often taken aback by the sudden media interactions. At MediagraphixPR, we ease down this pressure for you with our consultation and media training services.

    • Our consultancy services are levied by our team of experts who hold rich expertise in shaping and reshaping brand images for years; we make sure your question of “How should my company image be built in the market..?” is answered.

    • Our media training services enable spokespersons, business owners or startup CEOs, government officials, actors, and other individuals to interact confidently with journalists, editors, reporters, and other media representatives.

    • We train you to anticipate questions, prepare for press conferences, organize and relay thoughts, and convey messages effectively while maintaining optimistic body language.

    • Consultation and media training by us allows your company to build and maintain high face value, under all circumstances. We help you keep yourself composed and upskill your game, to please the media.

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