Celebrity and Influencer Marketing

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Pitch Development

Content is the basic driver for brand and influencer relationships, therefore, we craft pitches that will help you grab the attention of the influencers and wow them with your offer. A one that is mutually beneficial and states a strong sense of purpose.

Influencer Outreach

After the influencers are chosen, we secure the influencer and handle all the negotiations and discussions with them. We leave no scope to get your posts up on social media in no time.

Ambassador Campaigns

We help you build a strong community of ambassadors who will work in favour of brands looking to highlight the experiential interactions between their customers and the product.

Influencer List Creation

We help you match with the right face by building a list of the influencers that resonate most with your brand identity, products, or services. We want the face to share the same ideals, vision, and objectives as your brand.

Celebrity Outreach

Over the past years, we have collaborated with numerous celebrity wranglers, agents, and managers. This allows us to seed products to celebrities or influencers who help you reach a larger audience.

Analytics & Monitoring

We believe that a project is never really over until our clients are satisfied with the results. This is why we continuously and rigorously monitor influencer marketing campaigns to ensure they deliver the expected outcomes.

What is influencer outreach? How does it add to the PR value?

An influencer is simply someone who can influence. Now the question is who can influence? When it comes to public relations, influencer outreach simply means anyone who is seen as a or someone who could drive an opinion and amplify your message to a larger audience. This was a pretty contained list, say a decade ago, with celebrities, media, industry experts, and TV and radio producers. But in today’s fragmented media landscape, this has gone much beyond.

Influencers are the gatekeepers to earned media today. In other words, these are the individuals people follow and look up to- to each his own. So to snag an interview on a top business podcast, get a tech guru to give a super review to your brand’s gadget, or have your product featured in TechCrunch – all rely on winning over influencers. The idea is to then identify influencers relevant to you, your industry, and your brand and plan an outreach to help them become your brand advocates.

Campaigns that amplify your brand story at scale using an existing fanbase to create a new fanbase!

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    MediagraphixPR | Celebrity and Influencer Marketing

    • There’s no question as to whether or not influencers are the game changers for brands. This is why, we at MediagraphixPR, are focused on creating data-driven influencer marketing strategies that have the potential for building brand affinity.

    • Being top-players in the PR industry, we match our clients with top influencers who have the maximum market value. We maintain relationships with the top names in the influencer market that certainly assist in amplifying your brand and achieving measurable impact.

    • Whilst choosing an ideal face for your brand, we do thorough research about the celebrity or influencer, the impact they have been able to generate in the past, their credibility amongst the audience, and their nature of work…everything, to make sure the ideals and vision of the celebrity match with that of your brand.

    • Working with popular celebrities across lifestyle, entertainment, TV, and film, all our campaigns are grounded according to the needs of our clients and their target audience. Thus, helping them bring their brands to life through social media.

    • We have access to top celebrities, micro and macro influencers on social media platforms, who can help you connect with the right audiences and can motivate them to buy your products and services, thus, helping you drive sales.

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