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We bring the words in your story to life with the help of the right PR strategy.
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Can you imagine a world where people had no idea about who Harry Potter was or what the author of The Alchemist wanted to portray?

Well, let us answer this question, books are a way for people to live in a world of imagination, to take their words, and put them out there in the world.

Through books, the author wants to inspire the readers so they can bring about a change in the way they live, think, and exist.

Telling your stories to the world, with the help of specifically curated PR campaigns.

We are a books and author PR agency that assists both first-time and experienced authors who are looking to promote their books to a wide audience.

We have extensive knowledge of how the book publishing industry works so we can offer services that help our clients at every stage of the book promotion process.

Also, finding the right publisher for your book is an imperative part of your launch, and that is where we extend our support to help you through our extensive network.

Books PR Services in India


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    How do we make your brand visible?

    We offer marketing campaigns that target a variety of audiences and complement the online and offline media presence you already have by developing a sophisticated strategy to ensure your book gets noticed by influencers and industry leaders.

    We help you achieve success with your publishing efforts by generating buzz ahead of your book launch and drive sales during the day even after the book has hit the shelf.

    • 1. Author's Promotion

      Since books will not sell unless the author has made some effort to promote the book himself, we help organise book signings where the author can interact with the readers, and take in any comments or advice they may share, or even leave the readers curious about its sequel.

    • 2. Event Assistance

      We help our clients select the venue for their book launch, signing, or book reading sessions to build relationships with the media, and even handle the blogger and/or celebrity guest invites for launch events.

    • 3. Dynamic Campaigns

      As a book PR agency, we conduct dynamic national and international campaigns for our clients ranging from short-term to long-term publicity service packages, provide consultation services, write press releases and much more.

    • 4. Optimum Results

      Our strategies are highly optimised and executed in a well-planned manner according to the target audience to deliver the optimum results every time.

    • 5. Social Media Strategy

      We help our clients build their social media presence so they can connect with online influencers, both before and after the book launch.