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Need For Public Relation To Boost Your Brand Promotion

The public relations agency helps the organization to achieve its objective smoothly and with greater efficiency. Public relation helps to create a good image for industries. Public relation is usually hyped for making false goodwill. However, this does not hold much truth.  Since false images cannot be projected for such a long period. With good…

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5 Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Their PR Efforts

Whether an entrepreneur has hired a PR firm or communications director or they are attempting to do public relations on their own, there are a few key mistakes that they make time and again, preventing them from ever getting covered and their publicist or communication director from doing the job they are paid for. Despite…

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A 100 Many- Splendoured Things – A group show of 100 artists

A 100 Many- Splendoured Things” – A group show of 100 artists-A vast spectrum of one hundred works by eminent as well as young artists of India. Art works arranged herein comprise of almost all contemporary art forms from paintings, sculptures, etchings, prints post-modern forms such as installations and digital art.

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