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Who We Are

Who we are

Mediagraphix was founded in 2000 by Neena Gulati, a senior public relations (PR) professional, with more than two decades of experience. Along with communications director Vihan Gulati, she has forged a team of well-connected communications professionals, offering cutting-edge solutions in the field of media management and PR services.


Our belief

At Mediagraphix, we believe in creating a brand that helps our clients stay ahead, and carve out distinctive positions. We create content and campaigns that enhance their market visibility and amplify their uniqueness, whether they are planning for growth or looking to attract investments. Thought processes have evolved with changing times. Keeping this in mind, we develop and deliver brand experiences that are powerful, captivating, bold, immersive and unforgettable.

The journey so far

Over the past decade, Mediagraphix has represented clients ranging from the arts, culture, books, independent artists, art fairs, technology, IOT startups, health and wellness, fitness, lifestyle, and several other domains. The rich clientele is proof of how Mediagraphix has helped to develop their businesses and achieve desired results. We at Mediagraphix have the capability to deploy every tool in the public affairs arsenal, and that means we choose the strategy and tactics that are best suited to address the need of our clients.

We Build Relationship


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What We Can Do For You

Traditional PR

Digital PR

Inbound PR

Event PR

What we do are ‘stunts’. By brainstorming imaginative ways of marketing, influencer research and social media to network with target audience, we’ll strategize and contrive adapted experiences aimed to participate and motivate. We organise different media events and campaigns from deciding the menu, acquiring the right venue, sponsorship, designing the decor, bookings of photographer and assisting all front of house duties on the day of the event.

Media Relation

Comprehension of defining story/ messages of your business/ organisation to pitch it to the media isn’t a simple task. We tell the story to the targeted audience at the right time. Media is a key to brand reputation and we grapple with the dares of media relations from traditional to new media, to get maximum results for our clients.


Broadcasting is the circulation of communication methodologies via radio, television and podcasts to help participate audiences. We adopt a client centric approach that primarily get targeted audiences by producing engaging videos, visual story or tuning in to radio every day/week.


Mediagraphix has extended its hands in the field of consultancy and we have been delivering positive results to our clients for more than a decade. We have an entire team of experts who have a deep understanding and knowledge about the industry and can help our clients identify what particular strategy could work .We bring concepts to life while guiding clients about art galleries, hotels/ spas, music events, lifestyle and fashion, education, real estate, healthcare, online business etc.

Content Seeding

Our goal is to elevate your online presence by leveraging data to design and achieve content marketing programmes across any platform. With our writing and creative expertise, we provide services that include videos, info-graphics, blog posts, white papers, case studies and more. To gauge online marketing consistency, we always ensure that SEO and PR go hand-in-hand.

Our Process


You are assigned a personal strategist who works with you to outline your media goals


Our team of journalists draft your Press Release to your approval

Contacting the Media

Once a draft is finalized, we gather the most relevant media contacts, and send a personalized pitch to each journalist

How do we work

We work with clients according to their individual needs. Our clients are project-based and retailers, and each sector requires special methodologies and strategies to be worked upon.

Retailers: While strategising for a retailer, we carry out an exhaustive research about the goals to be fulfilled. They are trailed by competitive analysis to influence our customers to emerge as the leading brand among peers. Our team, according to the research and analysis, devises a communication strategy. We take a 360 degree approach to create a brand and persona for each of our clients.

Projects: We at Mediagraphix take up a four-week plan for projects like art shows, PR events, press releases, and similar things. With over two decades of experience, we understand that each client take their own time to review the content and strategy. We are flexible in this regard.

Clients Worked With

Practice Areas

Art, culture, and music

We have more 17 years of experience in working with a range of art, culture, and music clients, including live performances, art shows, public art, book shows, architecture, and similar events. Armed with a thorough knowledge of the art domain, we are specialists in planning a nonconventional creative bent, bolstered by the best media relations skill to come up with stories that help our clients achieve their objectives. With public relations activities, event planning, and other marketing tactics, we help spread our client’s brand name to the biggest target audience.


Tech and auto

Whether its consumer tech products, or the launching of an app, or delivering a powerful B2B software, trust Mediagraphix to deliver the goods. It may be the innovative science behind consumer products, breakthrough developments in the B2B process, or in software technology that improves the way people live. Whatever be the demands, we take complex scientific and technical information and communicate it in a way that makes sense to the audience ranging from business partners to the final consumers.



The health sector too needs PR promotions like holding informative events and generate awareness about diseases and medical treatment. With an extensive experience in representing clients across the health and wellness spectrum—ranging from medical centres and institutions of higher learning to online properties, media brands, consumer products, and non-profits—we build brand awareness for our clients and reach them to the masses.


Digital PR

With regards to Digital PR, it is imperative to remain updated when it comes to the fast-evolving trends across the globe. We utilise different strategies for digital PR and to expand their online existence through building associations with leading content developers and online writers to pick up the ‘hits’, or references, and high calibre backlinks.



Mediagraphix has an unrivalled status for coming up with creative and headline-grabbing food campaigns. Our teams work cross-culturally and across the-media to give us a unique perspective and understanding of the arts agenda. We have organised and promoted numerous food product and restaurant launches, and have created trend stories, corporate profiles, contests, and carried out special promotions for our clients.



There are certain basic PR tactics that should be undertaken while launching a new product. Press releases are probably the best-known PR techniques. Official statements were written since long before the internet became omnipresent. These days, branding activities mostly target the web. Giving away samples is one of the best ways to promote a product. When thinking about PR strategies, we never overlook the value of doing live and offline events. With our experience, PR activities for a product can create a huge business advantages and buzz for our clients.


Fitness and wellness

The fitness and wellness domain has emerged as a core area for Mediagraphix ever since it was founded. Communication director Vihan Gulati is the retained communications partner of Reebok crossfit Robust in New Delhi.



Bollywood PR involves working with celebrities and household names. We take up prominent PR strategies and campaigns, including selling books or tickets, and get a houseful theatre. Working with popular celebrities across lifestyle, entertainment, TV and film, all our campaigns are grounded according to the needs of our clients and their target audience.


Travel and hospitality

Through travel and tourism PR, we build and maintain the target audience’s confidence and trust in the destinations selected by our clients. We revitalise and relaunch tourism destinations by introducing and promoting new products, packages, and special offers. We reach the client’s messages to the target audience, business and leisure explorers, potential travellers, and travel specialists and distributers, through various PR methods like seeding and additionally advanced PR activities.


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